One Piece Episode 046


Luffy & Co. are still on their way to Loguetown. At breakfast, Nami wonders what has become of Buggy.

Somewhere in the East Blue: Buggy has finished his raft and intends to look for his crew and take revenge on the straw hats. He arrives on an island, where he immediately gets into trouble with a large bird. The bird eats him, but immediately spits him out, landing Buggy on another island. There he meets Gaimon and his strange animals. The two fight each other, as Gaimon wants to protect the animals. When he learns that Buggy is not a poacher, but a pirate, the argument is buried.

In the evening, the two new friends drink Gaimon’s home-brewed sake. Buggy learns Gaimon’s story and makes him an offer to join his gang. His counterpart gratefully declines, for he cannot abandon his animals. Buggy’s offer to join his gang also reminds Gaimon of the one a boy once made him. He and Buggy would surely have become good friends, too. The clown thinks a boy would have given him quite a hard time and ruined his life. The fact that the two people are Monkey D. Luffy is left unsaid by the two.

The next day brings Buggy’s departure. The two friends say goodbye and Gaimon again declines Buggy’s offer. With a raft he goes out to sea, but after only a few meters a giant crab appears. Buggy capsizes and is rescued by a beautiful woman. On the boat with many hearts, the woman wants to join up with Buggy, as she would also be looking for Straw Hat Luffy.

Darkness has fallen and the Straw Hats go to sleep as they continue to sail towards Loguetown.


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