One Piece Episode 045


On the Going Merry, Nami buys the latest news from a newspaper gull. Meanwhile, Luffy wants to steal oranges, but is stopped by Sanji. While Nami is flipping through the newspaper, a wanted poster falls out. They take a closer look at the paper and are shocked.

Navy Headquarters, not too long ago: there is a bounty meeting of the Navy, where Brannew explains the situation. Monkey D. Luffy has already defeated some notable pirates of the East Blue, namely Buggy, Kuro, Don Krieg, and Arlong. The average bounty of the East Blue would only be 3,000,000, but since each of the pirates defeated by Luffy had a bounty of over 10,000,000, his first bounty of 30,000,000 was justified. Outside, John Giant gives a speech to his men.

Gecko Island, Syrop: Merry runs up the stairs to show Kaya Luffy’s wanted poster. She immediately recognizes Usopp on it, the back of whose head you can see.

Shells Town, Naval Base: Koby and Helmeppo have to scrub the hallway where Luffy’s wanted poster is posted. Koby admires him and is happy for Luffy that he is already a bit closer to his goal of becoming pirate king. A marine also delivers the news to Morgan, who is in prison.

Bezan Black: Kuro is back at sea with his gang as a pirate. A crew member discovers the wanted poster in the newspaper and shows it to his captain, whose face reflects thoughtfulness.

Restaurant Ship Baratié: Luffy’s wanted poster is posted in the dining room. On the balcony of the ship, Zeff thinks back to his time with Luffy and Sanji’s leaving the Baratié.

The Going Merry: Luffy is proud of his bounty and Usopp is happy to see the back of his head in the picture. Zoro can’t really join the others and considers the negative consequences. Namely, there would be increased navy on their tail and bounty hunters would also get in their way.

Fullbody’s navy ship: The ship is pretty run down and the crew is vegetating. In the cabin, Fullbody reflects on the life he once had but was destroyed by the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy’s first bounty is delivered to him and he remembers the Straw Hat Boy. On deck he calls his men together, they haven’t fought in a long time and it shows. Fullbody intends to go to the baratié first. He can’t believe it when suddenly the The Going Merry passes him. The navy attacks the pirates, but after a short time they have to realize that they have no chance and flee.

Some island on the Grand Line: Two men spot a small boat with Hawkeye on it. The men wonder what he is doing here as he walks ashore. Hawkeye only asks to see their boss, whereupon one of the pirates runs off. But there is no need to let them know, as Hawkeye appears behind the reporter. Red Shanks asks if he’s looking for trouble, and hopes not. After all, he had a little too much to drink yesterday. Mihawk shows him the wanted poster of the boy Shanks had once told him about. Happy about Luffy’s first bounty, he pours himself and Hawkeye sake and wants to celebrate the fact.

Foosha Village: The people in Luffy’s home also get the news and recognize the former resident. Everyone is proud of him, only Woop Slapp complains how they could be proud of a criminal from their village. Makino doesn’t see things so closely and hands the mayor a juice.

The Straw Hat Pirates is pondering the Grand Line on their ship and has a map in front of them. Before they venture into the dangerous waters, however, they want to stop in Loguetown. Nami tells them that Gold Roger was born and executed in this town.

Somewhere at sea: Buggy on his raft and a woman who looks like a thinner Alvida are also looking at Luffy’s wanted poster.

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