One Piece Episode 044


Kokos: The villagers rejoice and celebrate the destruction of Arlong Park. They proclaim a long feast in celebration. Luffy, as is customary for him, begins an uninterrupted meal. Meanwhile, the doctor treats Zoro’s wound and complains about the negligence of how he treated himself and asks if Luffy doesn’t have a doctor in the crew.

Bell-mère’s Grave: Nami has retreated to this place. Along with Genzo, she is told by Nojiko that Luffy is looking for her. Nami has decided to actually become a pirate, and is pleased to hear Genzo and Nojiko’s approval.

The celebration in the village has been going on for three days now. Zoro has recovered well so far, Luffy is still eating and Sanji is trying his luck with the women.

Nami has had her tattoo removed by the doctor, but is devastated by the fact that a scar, thus the memories, will remain. Therefore, she has decided to get a new tattoo over it immediately.

Genzo is also at peace now and stands at Bell-mère’s grave, where he is interrupted by Luffy, who is out looking for food. While Genzo is okay with Nami becoming a pirate, he makes it clear to Luffy that he shouldn’t make her unhappy.

The village is now quiet and everyone has fallen asleep.

Bell-mère’s Orange Plantation: Nami gathered up her money and stashed it in the living room with a note for Nojiko.

The next morning, the Straw Hats prepare the Going Merry for departure. They have loaded various supplies and say goodbye to Johnny and Yosaku, who now want to go their own ways again. Nojiko has found the note from Nami and tells Genzo that Nami left her money there. At that moment, Nami appears on the shore and gives the order to cast off the lines, whereupon she runs off. Genzo has realized that Nami wants to run away without being able to thank her. She dodges all the inhabitants and jumps onto the The Going Merry at the last moment. There, it turns out that she took advantage of the situation to steal everyone’s wallets. This is not well received by everyone, but nevertheless they all wish her a safe journey and hope to see her again soon.

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