One Piece Episode 043


Nami’s study: Arlong finds Luffy’s statement regarding Nami’s position as navigator in his crew very amusing. He presents himself as Nami’s patron, after all, encouraging her talent and dream of creating a world map. Luffy notes that the quill, which Nami must be using to draw, is covered in blood. He concludes that Nami’s work, drawing maps for Arlong, and her dream cannot be fulfilled like this. He reaches for Arlong’s saw sword and the latter wonders why he can’t move it. With a strong grip, he breaks one of the sword’s teeth, to Arlong’s amazement. As Arlong admits to forcing Nami to do this forever, Luffy begins to tear apart the study. He transports various pieces of furnishings outside and completely disarranges the accumulations of Nami’s charts.

Outside the Building: Touched by this destruction of her personal torment, Nami begins to cry.

Arlong has managed to grab Luffy by the neck with his teeth, he skillfully frees himself by grabbing Arlong by his nose and breaking it. Luffy now decides to tear down the building and goes for a massive gum-gum axe. Arlong looks to counter with Shark On Tooth in return. He even manages to catch Luffy, but is hit hard by his foot hurtling downward and sent flying through all of the lower floors of the building, where he is left defeated. The building, now stripped of its stability, begins to collapse on top of the defeated Arlong and the victorious Luffy.

The villagers, Nami, Johnny, Yosaku, Sanji and Usopp do not believe that Luffy could have survived the collapse. Against all odds, he rises from the rubble and once again makes Nami understand that she belongs in his crew. Spurred on by Luffy’s victory, everyone present begins to celebrate the overjoyed victory. Nami goes to her celebrated captain and gives him back his hat. Into the happy scene now enters Captain Rat, who wants to take Arlong’s remaining funds and treasures. Before he can even speak out, he and the marines are beaten up by the Straw Hats. Nami makes it clear to him that as reparations, the navy will rebuild the destroyed villages, take the fish people into custody, and hand over Arlong’s money, as well as the confiscated money from herself. Meekly, the naval officer promises to do so before making a run for it.

Genzo revisits the past eight years and has to laugh at the irony of being saved from the Arlong pirates by other pirates.

Naval Base 16: Council informs Naval Headquarters of the danger of the Straw Hat Pirate Luffy. He demands that an enormous bounty be placed on his head.

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