One Piece Episode 042


Arlong Park: The battle between Luffy and Arlong is in full swing. Unimpressed by Arlong’s biting power, Luffy smashes a rock, saying that he can do it too, just in a different way. With one hard blow, he shatters Arlong’s teeth, but they grow back shortly after. With two of his dentures, one in each hand, and his actual dentures, he now attacks Luffy in a weird way and almost manages to catch him too, if Luffy hadn’t used one of Arlong’s gang as a shield at the last moment. Luffy knocks Arlong’s dentures out of his mouth and puts them in his own. When he manages to bite Arlong with it, however, he finds that he lacks the biting force necessary to hurt him. Shortly thereafter, again distressed by Arlong, Luffy manages to free himself again, however. Arlong now jumps into the water and wants to attack Luffy undetected out of the water, with his Shark On Darts, which he succeeds in doing. However, Luffy gets back up shortly after and dodges the next attack. Once again in the water, Luffy is able to dodge the same attack, as he now understands the technique. With this knowledge, he once again manages to knock Arlong heavily to the ground. Now finally losing his composure since he must have been injured in the last blow, Arlong attacks Luffy with full force. At first, Luffy has no choice but to dodge Arlong for now. The fish man has now retrieved his saw sword and tries to catch Luffy with it. Luffy has no choice but to flee into the building, fancying himself trapped. Luffy wonders about the room he has ended up in – Nami’s study.

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