One Piece Episode 041


Arlong Park: Arlong doesn’t think Nami is serious about wanting to fight him. He makes it clear to her that he cannot be defeated. He gives Nami the choice of continuing to stand by Arlong, which means salvation for the villagers, or Luffy, which involves the death of everyone present except Nami. To Arlong’s surprise, she decides against him.

Underwater: At this moment, Luffy wakes up from unconsciousness and spits out a huge fountain of water.

Sanji and Zoro stand up one last time. Zoro keeps Arlong busy while Sanji jumps into the water to smash the rock. Usopp has also returned and is also stalling for some time.

Sanji has almost reached the stone block, but is pursued by the reawakened Hatchan.

On land, Arlong has defeated Zoro and now wants to kill him, but is surprised at the swordsman’s stamina. Zoro laughs that Hatchan has swum to his own doom.

Hatchan’s wounds couldn’t take the rapid pressure difference and burst open underwater. Sanji now manages to smash the rock unhindered and Luffy is happy to be free again. Conditioned by the momentum he received when he surfaced, he flies high above Arlong Park. He snatches Zoro from Arlong’s hands and flings him to safety. Luffy now goes full throttle and hits Arlong several times, but all the attacks don’t seem to bother him much. Arlong tries to bite Luffy and Luffy finds he can’t counter the teeth.


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