One Piece Episode 040


Underwater: Sanji fights Hatchan to prevent him from attacking Genzo, who is still busy freeing Luffy. However, he is clearly outmatched by the fish-man underwater and gets into trouble in short order. Having trouble breathing, he tries to swim to the surface, but is stopped by his opponent. Blackbelt wants to finish Sanji off by making him suffer momentary pressure fluctuations and quickly dives with him into the depths. He uses the last of his breath and thrusts it into Blackbelt’s gills, which sucks especially badly for Blackbelt, forcing him to let go of Sanji and allowing him to escape the water. On land, Hatchan succumbs to the now enraged Sanji and is eventually defeated with the Mouton Shot kick.

On the Run: Kiss seems to have caught up with and defeated Usopp, but this turns out to be just one of his traps. He ponders whether he should abandon his friends, or if he really needs to fight the fish man. Finally he decides to attack him, but is knocked down hard at first. Using a rubber band, he is able to briefly distract the fish man to hide in the forest. From here he attacks him with different kinds of his projectiles and finishes him off with a well-aimed hammer blow.

Arlong is now fed up, inexplicably managing to defeat Zoro and Sanji with a few drops of water. Nami has reached the battlefield and wants to get even with Arlong.

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