One Piece Episode 039


Arlong Park: Arlong wonders how long Luffy will survive underwater. Meanwhile, Zoro wants to make short work of Hatchan and swiftly attacks him. Sanji, meanwhile, takes care of Hatchan.

At the gate: Genzo decides to secretly go to Luffy to free him. Nojiko, meanwhile, has obtained a large hammer and accompanies Genzo.

Zoro is struggling with Hawkeye’s injury, he is suffering from a severe fever and the wound has started to hurt. Hatchan has retrieved his swords and is preparing to take on Zoro’s three sword style with his six sword style. Zoro has struggled back to his feet and doesn’t want to show any weakness.

On the Run: Kiss has to admit that he’s having a hard time catching up to Usopp.

Underwater: Genzo and Nojiko try to free Luffy.

Sanji, meanwhile, briefly out of action, notes that Hatchan’s technique, while good, is far behind Redfoot Zeff’s strength. Zoro now borrows Johnny and Yosaku’s swords to defeat Hatchan. After a short fight, he is able to hit Hatchan first. Hatchan has found Zoro’s weak spot and hits him hard on the healing wound. However, he is still able to stay conscious long enough to defeat the fish man with Whirlwind.

Bell-mère’s House: Nami has bandaged her arm wound and has decided to assist the Straw Hats and is heading to Arlong Park.

Before Hatchan can defeat the downed Zoro, Sanji intervenes. Shortly after, Sanji jumps into the water to rescue Luffy and Hatchan chases after him. In the distance, he notices that two people are already trying to free Luffy.

Nojiko holds Luffy’s head on the surface while Genzo tries to reanimate him.

Hatchan surprises Sanji underwater and Arlong assumes victory is now all but assured.

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