One Piece Episode 038


Arlong Park: The battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Arlong Pirates has begun! After Luffy takes out a few of Arlong’s subordinates, he gives him a good punch, but he only asks who he is. After this attack, more members of the Arlong Pirates attack Luffy, but they are defeated by Sanji.

Outside the Gate: The villagers of Kokos are amazed at Luffy’s power, but can’t quite understand his intervention. Johnny and Yosaku explain that Luffy is only helping them because Arlong made Nami, Luffy’s navigator and crew member, cry.

Hatchan wants to have Luffy eliminated by Moo Cow and calls her. But she remembers the strength of Luffy and especially Sanji, refuses to fight them and takes flight. Prodded by Arlong, however, she then attacks. To quickly settle the matter, Luffy sinks his legs into the ground and twists his torso, then grabs the manatee and, inspired by Genzo’s windmill cap, flings it away with the gum-gum windmill. In the process, he also defeats several other fish people and damages Arlong’s mansion. Now Luffy finds that he’s overdone it again and can’t free his legs. The officers of Arlong calm him down and now take action themselves. After Hatchan insults Nami as a brat, Sanji now wants to defend her. While Usopp tries to free Luffy, the fight between Zoro and Hatchan begins. Kiss now sets out in pursuit of Usopp. Before he can do anything to the armed villagers he passed, Usopp attacks him, but immediately takes flight again. Arlong has now seen enough and intervenes himself. First he throws Luffy into the water with the concrete block at his feet and then waits on the shore for him to drown. Sanji and Zoro must now defeat the officers on land under time pressure before they can save Luffy.

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