One Piece Episode 037


Bell-mère’s Orange Plantation: Nami is shocked by Captain Nezumi’s request to confiscate her hoarded treasures, yet she only needs 7 million. During the raid, Genzo slips out that the people of Kokos know why Nami is hoarding the treasures and can’t accept that the Navy wants to take the money. When Captain Rat slips out what the amount of gold he’s looking for is, which he’s not supposed to know, Nami realizes she was just taken advantage of by Arlong. While trying to stop Nami, Nojiko is shot by Captain Nezumi.

Kokos: Genzo and Nami take Nojiko to the doctor and tell the villagers that Arlong just took advantage of Nami and the navy confiscated the money. Here Luffy also finally meets Nami again, this one she pushes aside and makes her way to Arlong.

Arlong Park: Nami confronts Arlong about bribing the navy and having her assets confiscated. Arlong states that he did not break his promise and suggests Nami to start collecting money again.

In a field: Usopp, Sanji and Zoro agree to help Nami and set out to find Luffy.

The villagers agree to put all their eggs in one basket now, either drive out the Arlong gang or die trying. Nami won’t let them throw their lives away, however, the villagers won’t listen to her and head for Arlong Park.

Luffy finds Nami trying to cut out Arlong’s tattoo, but stops her. Realizing that the situation can’t be saved, both because the villagers are running to their doom and because all their savings are gone, she asks Luffy for help. He entrusts her with his straw hat, anticipating an uphill battle ahead, and orders the other straw hats to find Arlong Park.

Arlong Park: Johnny and Yosaku sit battered at the gates, forbidding the villagers to enter, having previously challenged Arlong themselves. They gleefully announce the arrival of the Straw Hats, stating that the Straw Hat Pirates is the last hope for the East Blue.

Luffy bangs down the gate and asks which of the people present is Arlong.

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