One Piece Episode 036


Eight years ago: Arlong shows up at Bell-mère’s door, demanding the tribute all villagers must pay for her life. Unaware of her melee training, however, he is struck down by her. Unimpressed, he bites the musket she holds in his face.

On the way to Bell-mère’s house: Nojiko and Nami want to save Bell-mère, but are stopped by the village doctor due to Arlong’s dangerousness.

Bell-mère has been overpowered by Arlong and is being tortured on the ground. Genzo has reached the group and asks Arlong to stop and covers up the existence of Nojiko and Nami so Bell-mère only has to pay 100,000.

Nojiko and Nami are informed that if they leave the island now, they will not be listed in the residents’ list and thus would not be pursued by Arlong. Nami refuses, however, as she doesn’t want to leave her home.

Bell-mère pays Arlong the tribute, but cannot accept having to slander her children in this way and shouts after Arlong that the money is for her children. Arlong now realizes that tribute is still missing to keep all three of them alive. Bell-mère accepts this on the condition that Arlong leaves her daughters alone. Genzo now wants to save Bell-mère and shoot the fish people, but is stopped and badly injured by Hatchan. Arlong now shoots Bell-mère in front of the children, while the rest of the villagers start an uprising against the fish people, which is immediately put down. Hatchan gets hold of one of Nami’s maps and Arlong decides to take it.

After a short recovery period, the villagers want to rebel against Arlong again, as they can’t expect any help from the navy. Nami bursts into the vote and it turns out that she has joined the Arlong gang. Incensed by this, the villagers banish Nami from their village. At Bell-mère’s grave, Nojiko finds Nami and she explains her decision. A deal with Arlong to be able to buy coconut free.

Present: Nojiko has now finished her story and forbids the straw hats present from interfering, so as not to let Nami’s work go to waste.

Bell-mère’s House: Nami does the math and determines that she can get the missing 7 million berry in the next heist.

Kokos: Genzo is on his way to Bell-mère’s house with Captain Rat, which they find shortly after. The naval officer now gives Nami the reason for his being here. He is to confiscate all the valuables Nami has collected.

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