One Piece Episode 035


Luffy meets the fish people Hatchan, Kiss and Hatchan during his walk and is questioned by them, but gives them no answer.

Nami awakens and looks forward to soon reaching her goal of buying off Kokos for 100,000,000 arlong.

The story of Nojiko:

Nami is enthusiastic about navigation and map drawing. However, since she doesn’t have much money but desperately wants the books for her hobby, she is known as a petty thief in Kokos and is often caught by Genzo afterwards and gets read the riot act by him. Since Nami’s parents passed away early, she lives with her foster mother Bell-mère, she uses her feminine charms to save the day and appeases Genzo, with whom she gets along very well, always promising him to pay the debt. She is a loving mother at heart and is pleased that Nami has set a big goal of drawing a map of the world. However, the family has very little money and this usually dictates their daily lives. So Bell-mère usually goes without food and then subsists mainly on the oranges she grows and sells. Likewise, Nami has to wear Nojiko’s worn-out clothes because there is no money for new ones. Bell-mère used to be a marine. She was left badly injured in a battle and met two orphans, whom she later christened “Nojiko” and “Nami”. Without further ado, she took them in and went back to her home village of Kokos and then left the navy. This was the same story Genzo told Nami eight years ago, because she ran away from home in a rage because she wasn’t related to Nojiko and Bell-mère. On the same day, the Arlong gang also arrived on the island and began their reign of terror. First, Arlong demanded a life tribute and finally made his way to Bell-mère’s house.

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