One Piece Episode 034


Luffy’s group is now joined by Nami, who explains to him once again that she only used him and his friends. She also informs Luffy that Arlong is chasing them and wants to kill them. She recommends leaving the island as soon as possible and fleeing from Arlong. Shaken by Nami’s decision, Luffy lies down on the road and takes a nap.

Kokos: Nojiko learns that the Navy has been informed about the destruction of Goza and now wants to capture the Arlong gang.

Arlong Park: Arlong initially wants to negotiate, but changes his mind when the Navy opens fire. In the brief skirmish that follows, Kiss, Hatchan, and Hatchan sink the Navy ship, leaving no survivors.

Sanji and Zoro have now also joined the sleeping Luffy and are waiting for him to awaken and decide what to do next. Johnny and Yosaku instead want to make their escape and head off. Meanwhile, Sanji and Zoro argue about whether or not Nami killed Usopp.

In the forest: In fact, Usopp is still alive, and in a flashback, we learn that Nami only injured her own hand to fake a kill with her own blood. As a result, Usopp puzzles over Nami’s true motives. Shortly after, he reaches Luffy as well as Sanji and tells them how come he is still alive.

Kokos: Nami is inwardly distraught and doesn’t know what to do next, and tears apart the furnishings of the house she lives in with Nojiko in anger. She also helps her realize what she really wants. Before Nami can come to a decision, though, she’s asleep due to past exhaustion.

Nojiko meets up with Luffy and the rest shortly after to tell them about Nami’s past.

Coast: Captain Rat has reached the island and wants to be taken to Nami’s house by Genzo.

Luffy has no interest in Nojiko’s story and Zoro has fallen asleep, so only Usopp and Sanji listen to her.

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