One Piece Episode 033


At Sea: Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku, with the help of Moo-Cow as a draft animal, are on their way to the island.

In a forest: Arlong is still being held by members of his gang and carried back to Arlong Park. The latter now finally frees himself and asks about the whereabouts of Usopp.

Usopp is still running away from the fish people chasing him, but is finally able to defeat some of them with a trick. Due to his clumsiness, he falls down a cliff, right at the feet of the fish-man Kiss.

Arlong Park: Zoro is still waiting for Arlong to return or for Luffy to arrive. During his wait, he questions the gullible octopus fish-man Hatchan about Arlong’s whereabouts. He also learns of the trouble Usopp is in and, with Hatchan’s help, sets off for Kokos. Arlong returns to the park shortly after and sees his comrades lying injured on the ground. Enraged by this fact, he tortures Usopp, who has been captured by Kiss. Due to Zoro’s inexplicable escape attempt, suspicion falls directly on Nami, but she denies this in her own way.

Kokos: Zoro learns that Usopp has been captured by Kiss and taken to Arlong Park.

Hatchan has returned, wondering about the defeated fish people, and is told by Arlong about her mistake regarding Zoro’s transport to Kokos. Nami, meanwhile, prevents an attack by Usopp and seemingly stabs him, pushing him into the sea.

Johnny sees this and is shocked by the apparent death of Usopp.

Luffy has finally reached Arlong Park and goes ashore a bit offshore by means of a daring maneuver.

Nami revisits the pain of the past eight years in her study.

Johnny reaches Luffy’s group, now joined by Zoro, and informs them of Usopp’s death.

On the beach: A completely hooded figure walks along the beach.

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