One Piece Episode 032


At sea: Luffy, Sanji and Johnny are still eating. Moo-cow has now reached the ship and wants Sanji’s food. However, Luffy and Sanji are not in the mood to share and make short work of the sea cow.

Kokos: Usopp wakes up at Nojiko’s home and is told by her about the brutality of the Fish-Men. He also learns of Nami’s affiliation with the Arlong gang.

Arlong Park: Nami explains her scam of fleecing other pirates to Zoro, but he remarks that he didn’t trust her anyway and jumps into the sea tied up. Nami can’t let him drown, though, and rescues him, stating that she’ll finish him off herself later.

Word gets out in the village that Arlong is heading there. Arlong wants to punish Genzo for violating his ban on weapons.

Nami frees Zoro during Arlong’s absence and tells him to leave.

Genzo is beaten up and nearly killed by Arlong for his crime, but is eventually stopped by Usopp. The latter, however, eventually takes flight from Arlong’s vengeance. Arlong’s comrades, however, prevent him from destroying the entire village, as this would mean the disappearance of a lucrative source of income.

Nami has now reached Kokos and is greeted by her stepsister Nojiko and Genzo. She finally makes her way to a grave and tells Nojiko that she almost has the required sum of 100,000,000 together and that Arlong will soon be able to buy the village.

Zoro didn’t flee, but instead defeated the fish people present and is now pondering his next course of action.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Sanji have strapped on the manatee as a draft animal and can already see Arlong Park in the distance.

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