One Piece Episode 031


At Sea: Luffy enjoys the ride, but is told by Yosaku about the dangerousness of their destination: Arlong Park, which is ruled by the fish-man Arlong. Luffy and Sanji, however, are unable to comprehend the dangerousness of the location. Instead, Sanji decides to make dinner first.

The Going Merry: Nami covers the last few yards to her home island, and in her mind is happy to be back.

Arlong Park: Captain Rat collects his monthly hush money from Arlong and thanks him for his good business with him. The naval officer also makes his way back to his ship shortly after. Nami, meanwhile, has reached the gate to the park and before doing so, stops a young boy from trying to attack Arlong and thus running to his doom. Arlong is happy about Nami’s return.

At Sea: Usopp, Zoro, and Johnny have now also reached the island and catch sight of Arlong Park. While Usopp suggests a quiet approach, Zoro immediately wants to storm the park, which is met by a stunning blow to the head from the two. Shortly after, they discover the Going Merry, but are surprised by fish-men, and Usopp and Johnny leave the bound Zoro behind to make their escape.

Usopp and Johnny reach the mainland and are confronted with the sight of a destroyed city. Usopp is subsequently hidden by Nojiko while fleeing from a fish man.

Luffy is looking forward to his meal. The same smell that makes Luffy’s mouth water also attracts the manatee Moo-Cow.

Zoro was taken to Arlong Park by the two fish people who captured him. Here, the latter states that he is looking for someone and has no use for the fish people. Nami doesn’t seem too surprised by his presence and admits to Zoro that he is a member of the Arlong gang.

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