One Piece Episode 030


Ship Deck: Luffy wakes up and Sanji tells him what happened and also that Gin told him that they will meet again on the Grand Line. Sanji tells Luffy that he can’t go with him, but excitedly tells him about the All Blue. Zeff watches them as they do so.

At the restaurant: Luffy and Sanji arrive for dinner. There, Luffy finds that all the cooks are very rude to them. They don’t give them chairs and they have to eat on the floor. Suddenly, Patty stands up and asks who cooked the soup. Sanji says that he did. At this, all the cooks say the soup is gruesome and disgusting and Zeff also throws his soup plate on the floor. Sanji gets all angry and goes after Zeff, but he knocks him to the ground. Sanji storms off in a huff. Luffy doesn’t understand the whole thing because the soup tastes great to him. That’s when Zeff and the other chefs tell him that Sanji is a super chef, but they want him to fulfill his dream and go to the Grand Line with Luffy. That’s why they put on this play.

On Deck: Sanji is sitting outside the door, listening to everything they talk. Suddenly Yosaku shows up and tells them that Nami got away from them, but they know where to go. So Luffy wants to get on the road real quick, and as he’s leaving, Sanji asks if he can come along. There is a touching goodbye scene of Sanji and his savior Zeff and the other chefs.

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