One Piece Episode 029


The exchange between Luffy and Don Krieg continues. Zeff believes in the straw hat boy because he has a strong will, which often matters more than anything else. The chef is right and Luffy sends his opponent into the baratié with a final blow.

Shortly afterwards, however, Luffy sinks into the sea, having been caught in a steel net by Don Krieg. Sanji takes the initiative and pulls his new acquaintance out of the water. When Don Krieg gets up and starts to fight again, Gin punches him and carries him on his shoulders. He wants to remain a pirate and now leaves with his men again. Sanji gives him and the pirate gang the Baratié’s shopping ship, and the pirates sail away.

At the end, Nami can still be seen on the Going Merry, wondering if she would ever see the boys again. Weeping, she regrets that she could not be free.

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