One Piece Episode 028


Don Krieg fires the MH-5 poison gas bomb at Luffy, Sanji and Gin. Fortunately, the former was able to grab a gas mask just in time.

However, it turns out that this mask was actually meant for Gin, so that he now gets the poison gas head-on. Don Krieg shows no remorse for his actions and even says that Gin is nothing more than a whiner who would give his life for a meal. He asks to give him the coup de grace.

The members of the Don Krieg Pirates are stunned by their captain’s heartless words and actions, and recall all that Gin has done for his captain. When the pirate gang returned battered from the Grand Line to the East Blue, Gin posed as his captain to throw the Navy, led by Captain Lieutenant Fullbody, off the scent.

Patty and Carne try to save Gin’s life by holding the gas mask in front of his face. Zeff believes that there is an antidote in there. Meanwhile, Luffy gets angry and attacks Don Krieg. The latter shoots bombs and spears, but Luffy runs on unmolested and manages to hit him hard in the face.

Jeff is amazed that there are still the dangerous sort of people who can fight until they drop. Don Krieg, meanwhile, manages to get up once more. After another knockdown for Don Krieg, he unpacks his secret weapon, the Super Spear.

The superspear hits Luffy hard. He is caught in the blast several times. Nevertheless, he always manages to get up again, to the annoyance of Don Krieg. Zeff says not to doubt yourself for a second and that only your will counts, as it is stronger than the best armor in the world. With a stomp, Luffy manages to destroy the tip of the superspear.

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