One Piece Episode 027


Luffy destroys the Baratié’s fin with a gum-gum axe. The resulting damage causes an argument between Sanji and him. Pearl Iron Shield takes this opportunity to launch an attack on both of them. However, Gin gets in his way and takes him out, justifying his action by saying that he wants to finish off his lifesavers himself.

A battle ensues between Sanji and Gin. Setbacks must be taken on both sides. In the meantime, Luffy attacks Don Krieg. However, the latter is thrown back onto the baratié by a bullet. Gin has given Sanji a bad time in the fight and has gained the upper hand. As he goes for the final blow, he realizes he can’t bring himself to kill Sanji because he was the first person to ever be nice to him. That’s why he asks Don Krieg to spare the ship and their cooks.

The latter loses his temper and wants to punish Gin for his weakness. To do this, he uses an MH-5 bomb. This is a poison gas bomb with which he could contaminate an entire city. Gin is told to throw away his mask to face death. Luffy tries to avoid further damage and launches a counterattack, but it is blocked with spears from Don Krieg.

Gin follows his captain’s request and throws away his mask. Don Krieg then fires the poison gas bombs. Just before those bombs reach the Baratié, Luffy is able to get masks for Gin and Sanji, but cannot find any for himself.

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