One Piece Episode 026


Gin demands that the cooks leave the ship and hand it over to the pirates. Sanji disagrees with this demand and says he should point his gun at Zeff, not him. Pearl Iron Shield has regained consciousness and attacks Sanji. The latter doesn’t fight back because he doesn’t want anything to happen to Zeff.

Sanji tells Zeff that he lost everything he had because of him and doesn’t want him to lose the Baratié as well, because the restaurant is all he has left. In a flashback, Sanji and Zeff’s story is shown.

When Sanji was a young boy, he worked on a ship as a kitchen boy. His dream was always to find the All Blue. The ship was suddenly boarded by pirates. They are the Cook pirate gang, whose captain is Redfoot Zeff. Sanji fought off the pirates until the end, yelling at them that he couldn’t die because he still had to find the All Blue.

When suddenly a strong storm comes up and as a result both ships sink, a tidal wave washes Sanji away from the deck. Zeff jumps after him and is able to save him. Zeff and Sanji land on a rock in the sea with nothing to eat. Zeff left Sanji all the food that was stowed in a bag. Sanji notices that his bag is much smaller than Zeff’s and berated him for it. After weeks of no rescue, he has run out of food, so he considers attacking Zeff due to hunger pangs.

Sanji noticed that there was no food in Zeff’s large bag. He had given all the food to him. Touched by this, he asked Zeff why he did all this for him, noting that he had also lost his leg when he saved him. Zeff tells Sanji he saved him because he was pursuing the same dream he had, which was to find the All Blue. He also said he still had a dream of opening a restaurant in the middle of the ocean. When Sanji and Zeff are rescued, they turn this dream into reality together.

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