One Piece Episode 025


Don Krieg continues to try to seize the Baratié for himself in order to capture more ships disguised with a naval flag and thus rebuild his armada. In doing so, he does not shy away from the Grand Line and its dangers.

Sanji orders a cook to deploy the Baratié’s two fins to fight Don Krieg’s crew before they can enter the restaurant proper. Luffy, meanwhile, uses the gum-gum rocket to catapult himself to Don Krieg’s gang and is able to fling most of them into the water, taking them out.

The flippers are out and Sanji is ready to face the pirates. Along the way, Carne and Patty try to launch a surprise attack using one of the Baratié’s secret weapons, the Mackerel Head #1. Using the built-in cannons, some of the pirates are taken out, but Don Krieg is able to repel an attack and throw both of them and their ship back to the Baratié. Fortunately, Sanji is able to redirect the mackerel head in time to avoid further damage to the ship.

Don Krieg’s armada has entered the Baratié. A fierce battle breaks out over the ship. In the midst of the fight, Don Krieg’s second officer, Perle Eisenschild, appears. Patty and Carne were taken out by him shortly after.

Pearl tells Sanji that he has not received a single injury from numerous battles. Don Krieg uses a morning star to destroy the mast of the sunken Dreadnaught Sabre, which Luffy is holding onto. Luffy is thrown away and collides with the back of Perle Eisenschild’s head, causing him to bleed from the nose. The latter freaks out over the injury and lights himself on fire with Fire Pearl: Great Privilege in self-protection. A large part of his crew and the Baratié fins are set on fire as a result.

Sanji hits Pearl hard with a well-aimed kick to the face. The latter uses Fire Pearl in revenge and wants to destroy the restaurant with it. Zeff is able to block the attack with a well-aimed kick. Don Krieg angrily throws a morning star in the direction of the fin to extinguish the fire and prevent further damage to the Baratié, Luffy deflects the attack with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and hurls the weapon at Perle, who is knocked out by it. Gin takes advantage of the moment and overpowers Zeff. He threatens to kill him if the ship does not voluntarily become the property of Don Krieg.

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