One Piece Episode 024


Johnny and Yosaku tell how Nami stole the The Going Merry and took off: she had been looking at Arlong’s wanted poster all along, and then wanted to change on the ship. When Johnny and Yosaku turned around, Nami had pushed them both into the water, saying it had been fun with Luffy, but just a marriage of convenience.

Luffy wants Zoro, Usopp and the two bounty hunters to sail after Nami in their boat. However, the approaching Hawkeye fully catches Zoro’s attention. A pirate from Creek’s gang asks the best swordsman in the world why he destroyed their fleet. Purely to pass the time, according to Dracule Mihawk. The pirate then shoots at him, but both bullets are deflected by Dracule Mihawk’s sword with ease.

Despite the general shock at this, Zoro goes near Mihawk and challenges him to a fight. He agrees, even though Zoro is only a novice according to him. While Zoro competes with three swords, Hawkeye only gets by with one dagger. To Zoro’s amazement, each of his sword blows is nevertheless parried without effort, and Dracule Mihawk ends up ramming the dagger into his torso as well. Mihawk is sorely impressed, as Zoro still doesn’t give up. He pulls out his sword, the Black Sword Yoru, and goes for the final strike on Zoro. He fails to parry it and receives a gaping wound, which is magnified once more as Zoro realizes his defeat and tries to let Mihawk kill him. However, the latter lets him live despite the large cut. Zoro is taken to their ship by Johnny and Yosaku and taken care of. The best swordsman calls out to him that if he keeps this up, he has a chance to defeat him one day. Zoro, gasping, also promises Luffy he would never lose another fight.

Hawkeye has had enough and doesn’t let Don Krieg provoke him anymore. He leaves, and Creek again sees his chance to take over the Baratié. Johnny and Yosaku’s boat leaves to pursue the The Going Merry, and Luffy stays behind to take care of Creek’s gang as well as bring the Cook Sanji aboard for good.

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