One Piece Episode 023


Creek finds it funny that the legendary pirate Redfoot Zeff has become a “cockroach”. The Godfather had failed on the Grand Line and knows from Zeff that he once sailed the Grand Line as well. Creek had lost his entire armada of 5,000 men in ten days in those waters, but with the help of the log Zeff had kept, he would want to try again to become King of the Pirates. Zeff, of course, refused to give him the logbook, which accurately documented every day of Zeff’s year on the Grand Line. When the words “King of the Pirates” are uttered, Luffy gets all ears and tells Don Krieg that he’s out of luck, because he’s going to attain that title. Creek laughs and tells the straw hat he’ll deal with him later. He would go over to his ship now and bring his crew their food. Those who would still be in the baratié then would bitterly regret it.

Gin is still sitting in the entrance and regrets again that he had led his captain here. Zeff thinks this is half bad. The cooks blame Sanji, since he had finally given him something to eat. The restaurant chef takes Sanji’s side though, saying he would have done the same. They all don’t know what it’s like to have to survive without food on the high seas, Sanji had been through this once before. He also thinks that those who would not be willing to fight should get off the ship. However, the chefs of the Baratié are not willing to give up their beloved restaurant so easily. Luffy asks Gin what it was like on the Grand Line, to which Gin tells the story: Their pirate fleet of 50 ships had been sunk by a single man with piercing eyes, except for the flagship. Zeff and Zoro agree, this was Hawkeye.

Don Krieg’s flagship: The men have eaten well and are reasonably fit again. When Creek says they’ll be sailing for the Grand Line again soon, the men are horrified. When one objects, he is summarily shot by the captain, motivating the other crewmen to face the Grand Line euphorically. The Godfather orders his men to attack the Baratié, but suddenly the pirate ship is cut in half. Luffy & co. run outside, after all Nami, Yosaku and Johnny are still there. The two bounty hunters arrive at the Baratié shortly after and report that Nami has run off with the The Going Merry.

From afar, a tiny ship with only one crew swims up. Zoro can hardly believe it, it is Mihawk Hawkeye, the best swordsman in the world.

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