One Piece Episode 022


Jeff makes his position clear to Sanji once again, namely that he wants him off the ship. But Sanji doesn’t see this at all, sweet-talks Nami once more with a drink and orders Luffy to continue working.

Four days later: Luffy is still working for Zeff and his crew is getting impatient. Luffy takes it upon himself to talk to his boss one more time. But a loud commotion suddenly sounds from inside the Baratié, as a huge pirate ship appears on the horizon. Judging by the flag, it’s Don Krieg and his gang.

When the ship docks, the people on the ship’s restaurant see how broken the pirate ship is. The figurehead is half destroyed, the sail mostly just a rag and everything else is in bad shape too. The godfather himself then appears in the dining room, supported by Gin. Like his crewman, he now asks for food, having had nothing for days. The Baratié’s cooks and their guests are skeptical; Don Krieg is very sneaky, they say, and will likely attack them all after they’ve had their refreshments. Sanji, however, disappears back into the kitchen and returns with a meal. The pirate captain fortifies himself properly, and when the plate is empty, he knocks the head cook to the ground with one punch. Gin is shocked at what his superior has done and says that he took him to the restaurant on the condition that he would not harm the people there. Creek, however, grabs Gin by the shoulder and throws him to the floor. The guests all flee from the baratié and run onto the ship they came in on.

Creek says that since his ship is junk, he now wants to take over the restaurant ship. The cooks could stay until they’ve fed his men, who are all dying on the galleon. Sanji wants to go into the kitchen again, but his fellow cooks stop him with oversized cutlery, and Patty smacks him from behind. Patty doesn’t want to give away the great restaurant lightly and gets his lobster bazooka, with the aid of which he fires at Don Krieg. When the smoke clears, they realize: The Godfather is still standing on two legs, presenting his arsenal of weapons on his body to the crowd. Zeff joins the action with a huge sack of food, places it in front of Creek and says it should be enough for 100 men. His cooks are to carry it onto the ship and feed the people. The clerks affirm the order, calling his name as they do so. Don Krieg, the terror of the East Blues, falls silent, seemingly shocked at the name, which is “Redfoot Zeff.”

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