One Piece Episode 021


Patty comes into the dining room and sees Sanji holding Fullbody up in the air. He complains about how Sanji treats the guests, those are king after all. Meanwhile, the brawling Luffy and Zeff crash through the ceiling. Zeff sees Sanji arguing again and takes a swing at him, as does Fullbody. The latter is stunned by the restaurant, which he says resembles a pirate ship. A soldier from his unit comes through the door, yelling that something terrible has happened. The prisoner from Don Krieg’s pirate gang has escaped. Shortly after, the soldier is shot by the escaped man. Gin sits down and demands something to eat, even threatening Patty with his gun since he has no money. But Patty doesn’t hesitate for long and so now Gin gets a beating as well. Sanji, watching the scene, disappears into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Patty throws the insolvent man outside.

Gin, who is lying on the ground, then gets a visitor: it’s Sanji, who has cooked something for him to eat. Hesitant at first, but then with infinite gratitude, the pirate accepts the food and devours it in no time. Sanji comments to him that he knows what it’s like to have to survive without food on the high seas. Luffy stood by the railing the whole time and asks Sanji if he would like to start working for him as a Cook. Sanji explains that his boss Zeff was once a pirate too. But now the fighting cooks from the Baratié are making life hell for the buccaneers by beating them up before they can dine with them. Sanji then declines Luffy’s offer, but Luffy doesn’t let up. Gin interferes in the discussion and asks Luffy about his goal as a pirate. Luffy’s answer, to find the One Piece, puzzles Gin, as the Grand Line is dangerous waters and the boy would lack the necessary experience.

Baratié, Kitchen: Word has spread among the cooks that Patty has kicked out one of Don Krieg’s gang. Carne doesn’t like this at all, saying that Don Krieg is one of the cruelest pirates in the East Blue. As godfather to 50 pirate captains, he would command an army of 5,000 men. Should the Godfather show up, they would have a serious problem. Patty doesn’t see things so closely and it escalates into an argument, which the other cooks gleefully follow. Zeff’s appearance, however, is enough to get all the cooks back to work.

Luffy and Sanji say goodbye to Gin, who is about to head back out in a nutshell. They are caught in the act by Zeff, who however ignores this fact and sends them both off to work. Luffy ends up in the kitchen where, after initially doing nothing, he is relegated to washing dishes. Since he breaks quite a bit there, he is told to go wait tables in the dining hall. There he meets his friends, who have made themselves comfortable with lots of food. Sanji, who is also waiting tables, catches sight of Nami and kneels down to offer her a rose. Zeff sees the scene and tells Sanji that it would be better if he became a pirate, he doesn’t want him in his restaurant anymore.

Unknown Island in the East Blue: Gin arrived at Don Krieg in his nutshell and thinks he got something to eat there. He would show his captain the way there.

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