One Piece Episode 020

Johnny shows Zoro the wounded Yosaku who is on their ship. They bring him up and Johnny tells them that his buddy has been sick for days and he doesn’t know what exactly it is. He was going to anchor on a large rock in the ocean, but it was suddenly fired upon.

The shots had come from The Going Merry. After Luffy and Usopp apologize, Nami shows up and immediately realizes that Yosaku is suffering from scurvy. She instructs Luffy and Usopp to get all the limes from the camp and administer them to Yosaku. The sick man recovers for a short time and the two introduce themselves as notorious pirate hunters. However, Yosaku keels over again and is placed in a cabin. In another room, Luffy and his friends discover that they need a cook to provide proper nutrition on board. Johnny is able to help out: There would be a floating restaurant, the Baratié, near the Grand Line.

Once there, a naval ship appears next to them. It is Fullbody with the iron fist, who finds the gang ridiculous and orders his men to sink the “nutshell”. But Luffy catches the launched bullet with his rubber body and accidentally hurls it at the baratié. Luffy is dragged up by the cooks to their boss, who was injured by the attack. Since Luffy has no money, Zeff demands that he work for him for a year without pay.

Fullbody has meanwhile taken a seat in the restaurant with his companion. A man in a black suit brings him the wine, which Fullbody apparently wants to guess cockily, but according to the waiter he is totally wrong. As he walks away, the man says he is not a waiter, but head chef Sanji. The navy lieutenant is annoyed because he had ordered the wine to be “guessed” in advance.

Luffy does not agree with the year’s work and agrees to stay for a week at most. Zeff is not satisfied with this and tries to change Luffy’s mind with the help of physical attacks.

Fullbody cannot accept being ridiculed. He throws a fly into his soup and calls Sanji over again. When asked what a fly was doing in his soup, Sanji only replies that he doesn’t know much about the world of insects. Because of this new exposure, Fullbody smashes the table in half. Sanji kneels down to the soup and remarks that Fullbody could have eaten the soup as soon as he removed the fly. At sea, one shouldn’t be so wasteful with food. When the navy lieutenant makes an effort to hit him, Sanji kicks him bloody. Zoro, Nami and Usopp also enter the restaurant and see Sanji holding his defeated guest in the air.

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