One Piece Episode 017


Luffy is able to catch Black in mid-death hump, which Black’s crewmates are also happy about.

Scene change to the forest. Usopp’s band of pirates rams a shovel into Jango’s back. Zoro and Usopp also attack.

Back at Luffy vs Black. Luffy is able to defeat the villain with the gum-gum bell. He is also able to drive off the Black Cat pirates, who weigh anchor and set sail again. Nami has her money back and goes to the exhausted Luffy.

Jango was defeated and Kaya was saved. Usopp, Kaya, Carrot, Onion and Piiman decide not to tell anyone in the village.

On the beach, the Straw Hat Pirates and Usopp sit together. The long-nose thanks them and wants to tell them something.

Base of the Usopp pirate gang: The captain tells his three members that he wants to go to sea and become a real pirate. Onion, Carrot and Pepper are disappointed about this and don’t know what to do without their leader.

Flashback, three years ago: Usopp and the three boys get to know each other. He wants them to join his band of pirates. Some memories of their “exploits” follow.

Present, bar: The straw hats are eating when Kaya joins them. She thanks the three pirates again. She also tells them she has a gift for the three of them. It turns out that she means a caravel, the The Going Merry. Lamb has designed it herself and explains the ship to Nami. Kaya has already arranged for everything needed for the trip to be packed on board. Usopp also arrives, eager to set sail as well. He says goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates, but they think he should come aboard. So Usopp the gunner becomes the fourth member of Luffy’s little gang.

Merry tells Kaya about Usopp’s past. Shortly after his father left the village for a band of pirates, his mother became terminally ill. To cheer up his mother, little Usopp used to run through the streets shouting “The pirates are coming!”. According to Merry, he had not stopped shouting this to this day. After his mother died, he always hoped that his father would show up and take him away.

While Luffy & Co. are sailing towards a new island, Kaya tells Lambie she wants to be a doctor.

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