One Piece Episode 016


Onion, Carrot, Piiman and Kaya are still fleeing from Jango. He lets his Razor Discs fly through the forest and cuts down some trees with them. They manage to hide from him, but Kaya is pretty exhausted. She thanks her protectors and wants to face the pirate. But Usopp’s pirate gang doesn’t think of giving up.

Luffy has broken off Kuro’s cat claws of his right glove. Since Black’s gang is no longer allowed to call him by his name, they call him “Captain Po”. The captain gets even angrier and reveals that Jango and his gang would have to die too. This was also part of his plan so that there would be fewer confidants. The fight continues, and Luffy now seems superior to Black. He suddenly starts swinging his cat claws back and forth all hunched over. His crew gets scared, which Luffy doesn’t understand. Black begins his attack death hump. Suddenly he’s gone and all you can see is a purple mist floating towards the Black Cat pirate gang. One by one the men are caught by his claws. According to them, he’s so fast he can’t even control who he kills. Luffy gets a few cuts as well. The pirates are now badly injured or even dead. Luffy is able to get Black out of the death hump. After a short conversation between the opponents, Black uses his deadly attack again.

Usopp’s gang of pirates set a trap for Jango. He tripped over it and received blows from their “weapons”. But the hypnotist is back on his feet and slams one by one of the kids against the tree. Kaya has shown up and wants to volunteer to sign the will. However, she forces Jango to let the three boys go by stealing a Razor Disc and threatening suicide. Eventually, she signs the will. Jango wants to finish the job and kill Kaya. Usopp and Zoro arrive and see this. Zoro doesn’t hesitate and charges at Jango and Kaya.

Black continues to scratch everything in front of his claws with his death hump.

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