One Piece Episode 014


Kuro is disappointed in his crew for letting a couple of kids get in their way. He calls them weaklings, which Siam and Buchi don’t like at all. They attack their captain, thinking he hasn’t fought in three years and therefore isn’t as strong as them. They were wrong about that, though, because Black hasn’t lost any of his strength in that time. He also proves it by overpowering the Nyaban Brothers. Jango had known from the beginning that his captain was still as strong as ever. He had known it by the way Black used to push up his slipping glasses. He always does it with his wrist so he doesn’t hurt himself with his claws. Black is gracious and wants to see the opponents defeated in five minutes. Otherwise, he would finish them all off.

Siam and Buchi then attack Zoro again. Nami throws her comrade his two swords and the Nyaban Brothers have no chance. Defeated, they land at Jango’s feet. Weakened by Zoro’s attack, Buchi wants to be hypnotized by Jango. He does, and Buchi becomes a muscleman without fear.

Meanwhile, Nami wants to wake Luffy up. She runs towards him, but Jango throws his pendulum, which also acts as a weapon, at her. Thanks to Luffy, she falls to the ground and escapes death. Luffy catches the sharp disc with his teeth and bites it. The five minutes given by Black are up. Jango still wants to fight Luffy and Buchi should take care of Zoro.

Suddenly, Miss Kaya appears. Black tries to attack her, but Usopp is able to save her. Miss Kaya wants to know why Beauregard is doing all this. He answers because he just wants his peace. To do that, he had to build a good reputation in the village. Now the pirates should destroy the village and Miss Kaya should perish in the process so he can have her fortune and mansion. Usopp once again advises Kaya to leave. She doesn’t listen to him and points a gun at her former house servant. He tries to placate her by recalling the good and bad times they had been through together. He then snatches the gun from her hand, saying he did all that for her, for today. The day she’s going to die.

Usopp is fed up with Black’s talk and grabs the firearm Black dropped on the ground. Shortly after, he finds himself threatened by Black’s claws. Luffy intervenes with his gum-gum gun and is able to knock the captain to the ground.

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