One Piece Episode 013


Jango hypnotizes his men to make them stronger. This also works, as one member smashes an entire rock shortly after. Confident of victory, the pirates rush up to Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Usopp. As it turns out, Luffy has also been watching the hypnosis and now feels just as strong. So he manages to defeat the enemies with the Gomu Gomu no Gatling. Jango is worried because I’m sure Black is furious that the village isn’t on fire yet. Still in a delirium of grandeur, Luffy rips out the bow of the Bezan Black and goes to beat up the attackers with it. But Jango is faster and puts Luffy to sleep via hypnosis.

Onion, Carrot, and Pepper now realize that Usopp was right. They want to go to Kaya’s villa, but they can’t get in through the entrance that Usopp had always used. That’s why they want to find another one.

Mansion: After Kaya dreams that Usopp wants to kill her, she gets up and wants to talk to Beauregard. She knocks on his study, but no one answers. So she goes in and finds the lamb wounded. Full of horror, Kaya has to learn from her employee that Black – as already said by Usopp – is a pirate. The girl regrets the slap she had given him. Usopp had only told the truth and wanted to save everyone. Instead of hiding, Kaya sets out to find Beauregard. As she leaves the house, the Usopp pirate gang quickly hides.

The four opponents have ruined Black’s entire plan. But Jango still has a trump card: The Nyaban Brothers show up, who are actually the gang’s ship guards. When the two catch sight of Zoro, they get scared and don’t want to fight him. Jango orders them to, however, and reluctantly Siam follows orders. After Siam steals Zoro’s swords, it is revealed that the fear was just an act. Zoro’s swords are thrown away and he rushes after them. Siam manages to grab him and Buchi looks to finish Zoro off. The swordsman manages to dodge, much to the surprise of the ship’s guards. Therefore, they counter once again with their claw attack. Since Usopp thinks that two against one is unfair, he shoots at one of the Nyaban Brothers. Zoro, however, intercepts the bullet. He did so to prevent Buchi and Siam from becoming aware of the two.

Nami desperately wants to help Zoro. Then it occurs to her that she could bring him a second sword. She quickly sprints to Zoro’s two swords and picks one up. Jango doesn’t let this go unnoticed and gets in the thief’s way. He is able to knock her out with one blow. Suddenly, Jango and the Nyaban Brothers are startled; Kuro has appeared. He is very angry with his troop.

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