One Piece Episode 012


Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and Usopp inspect the route the pirates would take tomorrow.

Kaya’s mansion: Kaya is already asleep and Beauregard and Lamb are talking in a room. Merry thinks that Usopp has been here again while he was away. His counterpart is not at all pleased about this and has to smile when he also learns that the long-nose called him a pirate. Black discovers a small package, in which, according to Merry, there would be a pair of glasses. Since Beauregard would have been working at the estate for three years tomorrow, Kaya bought them for him on the occasion, having noticed that his old glasses kept slipping down. Beauregard opens the package containing the custom-made glasses. To Lamb’s horror, the butler crushes the gift. Black suddenly has clawed hands and stabs Lambie.

Bezan Black: The team wakes up Jango, who is clearly not happy about this. But then he tells them to get into position.

Luffy & Co. have meanwhile covered the bottleneck with oil, which was Usopp’s idea. Thus the pirates can’t get up the slight incline and they are easily dispatched. When morning comes, they wonder why the enemies don’t come. But it suddenly occurs to Usopp that they must be in the wrong place and that the pirates will strike on the northern beach after all. Nami is shocked to remember that their ships are also anchored there, loaded with treasure. Quickly they all run, but due to a mishap of Nami’s, Zoro slides down the oil slick. Nami has no time left to help him, as her gold is in danger.

Usopp arrives at the right beach, which looks exactly like the other one and thus has a narrow spot through the rocks. With his slingshot he takes out a few pirates. But since he realizes that he is the only one who has arrived so far, he tries to stall the pirates a little longer. So he wants to bribe them with the treasure, which is on board of the two ships of the Straw Hats. Just before Jango manages to hypnotize Usopp, Nami arrives. While Luffy and Zoro, who managed to free himself from the oil slick, search in vain, Usopp and Nami are able to stall the pirates with spikes for a bit. It doesn’t last long, though, as the two are then soon blindsided by the pirates who rush into the village. Luffy and Zoro show up at the right time, though, and defeat some of the Black Cat pirates.

Kuro is still waiting in vain for his men, since according to the plan they should already be rioting in the village at this time. But since nothing happens there, Black gets angry and heads for the coast.

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