One Piece Episode 011


Usopp runs past Nami, Zoro, Carrot, Onion, and Peppers into the village. He announces that the pirates are coming. The people come out of their houses and don’t believe a word he says. Kuro was right; no one takes him seriously anymore.

Kaya’s Mansion: Maid Lamb returns from the neighboring town where he got the new glasses for Beauregard. Miss Kaya wants to give them to him as it will be three years to the day tomorrow that Beauregard came to live with them.

Usopp’s band of pirates has led Nami and Zoro to the sea, where they also find the missing Luffy. Everyone assumes he is dead. Zoro, however, hears his snoring and gives his captain a light slap. As a result, the straw-hatted boy is awake.

Desperate, the long-nose runs to the last person he could turn to. He climbs the tree and knocks on the window, which opens Kaya. Usopp tells her everything, but the girl can’t believe that her faithful butler is supposed to be a pirate and wants to kill her. Kaya is disappointed in Usopp for telling such lies. Usopp takes her out the window and wants to keep her safe. Lamb gets wind of this and raises the alarm. The estate security guards are able to disable Usopp with his slingshot, but Kaya refuses to go with him. When he tries to drag her along, she slaps him in the face. As Lamb appears, Usopp tries to flee the mansion, and shortly after, the villagers are on his tail again.

Bezan Black, the ship of the Black Cat pirate gang: Kuro gives a speech to his men. They are happy about their first raid in three years.

Evening has fallen and Usopp discovers his little gang and the Straw Hats. They already know about everything thanks to Luffy. To Carrot, Onion and Pepper, he says he made it all up and Black isn’t a pirate at all. The three go home disappointed since Usopp lied to them. He then tells the Straw Hats that he will intercept the pirates in the morning and fight them so that no one in the village will be harmed. Luffy, Zoro and Nami pledge their support to him.

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