One Piece Episode 010


Because Beauregard had insulted Usopp’s father, the latter strikes the butler. He then tells the people again to leave the property immediately, which they do. Inside, Kaya is still angry at Beauregard for treating Usopp so roughly. Beauregard is simply worried about Miss Kaya, as she is the daughter of those who had once helped him so much.

Flashback, three years ago: Kaya is watering the flowers when the exhausted Beauregard arrives. The gatekeepers won’t let him in at first, but when Miss Kaya’s father says so, the two employees bring the wounded man in and take care of him.

Nami, Zoro, Onion, Carrot and Pepper discover a man walking backwards. He says he is a hypnotist. The three boys from Usopp’s pirate gang want a demonstration. Jango, however, not only puts the children to sleep, but himself as well.

Usopp has gone to the sea to think, and Luffy has followed him. Just as they are on the subject of Beauregard, Usopp suddenly spots him down on the beach. He’s having a conversation with Jango. Beauregard asks if everything is going according to plan and wants nothing to go wrong in the assassination of Miss Kaya. The girl is supposed to die in Jango’s raid on the village and Black should then inherit all her money. In order to do this, Jango must force Kaya to sign a will during the robbery that lists Beauregard as her heir. It turns out that Beauregard is actually Kuro, who was publicly executed some time ago. The executed man, however, was a double of Black.

Luffy and Usopp overheard everything and Luffy comes clean. He also admits that they heard everything. Jango takes out his pendulum and puts himself and Luffy to sleep; Usopp noticed ahead of time and looked away. Luffy falls off the cliff asleep and everyone assumes he’s dead. Black doesn’t miss the fact that Usopp is still awake and thinks he can tell the residents everything. He doesn’t mind, because he knows no one believes things told by Usopp anyway. The attack on Syrop is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Usopp frantically runs through the forest to let everyone know.

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