One Piece Episode 009


Nami shares with the other two the idea of not going to the Grand Line right away. They would never make it with the two small boats, so she suggests stopping at the next island and looking for a ship.

The man with the long nose runs down the streets of a small village shouting that the pirates are coming. At the end of the street, he shouts loudly that the pirates are not coming after all and that he tricked them. Enraged, the townspeople come out of their houses and chase him. But the liar is faster than them and escapes.

From a tree, the long-nose discovers his team members carrot and pepper. Astonished, he asks where Onion has gone. He comes to them shortly afterwards and reports that pirates have arrived on the north side of the island. Usopp is about to flee, because according to Onion, Buggy the Clown’s sign is on a ship. However, when he says that there are only three people in total, they immediately run to where the ships have arrived.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrives on Gecko Island. There is a man on a rock, and countless pirate flags come out of the bushes. Usopp claims he has an army of 80,000 men under him. The gullible Luffy is taken back, but Nami recognizes the lie. Usopp takes out his slingshot and is about to fire at Luffy, but doesn’t dare in light of the fact that a real pirate is standing in front of him. Luffy mentions that he knows Yasopp, Usopp’s father.

Syrop, Restaurant: The four of them fill their bellies there and Luffy tells Usopp about Red Shanks and Yasopp.

Flashback, 10 years ago: Luffy is impressed by Yasopp’s shooting skills in Foosha Village. In the bar, he tells Luffy that he has a son who is exactly the same age. Luffy doesn’t even want to listen anymore, as he had heard the story countless times before.

Present: Nami asks Usopp if he knows anyone who would provide them with a large ship. She points to the mansion on the hill. Usopp says he knows the people there, but it would be impossible to ask them. With the excuse that he still has some things to do, he storms out of the place.

At Miss Kaya’s mansion, Beauregard refuses to let Kaya see Usopp. When he goes out of the room, Usopp appears at the window and Kaya is happy to see him. Usopp, as usual, tells her a story, which of course is not true, but amuses Miss Kaya deliciously.

Peppers, Carrot and Onion fear for their captain and fear that he has been eaten by the pirates. However, the three boys then realize that the pirates are not so evil and lead Luffy, Zoro and Nami to Kaya’s villa. They say Usopp always comes here around this time to cheer up Kaya, who is seriously ill and lost her parents a few years ago. Using Luffy’s gum-gum slingshot, the six enter the mansion and interrupt the storytelling Usopp. Just before Luffy gets around to making his request for a new ship to Miss Kaya, Beauregard joins them and says they must leave the property immediately.

On a small path, a man with heart glasses moves along by means of the Moon Walk.

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