One Piece Episode 008


Buggy once again underlines his anger at Shanks in front of Luffy and talks about his time with him.

Many years ago: Shanks and Buggy argue about where it is colder, the North Pole or the South Pole. A member of the pirate gang breaks up the argument. The lookout reports an enemy ship and a fight ensues. Buggy defeats an opponent and finds a treasure map on him. In the evening the crew celebrates their victory, only Buggy does not want to join in. Shanks joins him and tells him about a big catch they made today, a devil fruit. Buggy thinks it’s completely idiotic to eat from such a fruit, because then you lose the ability to swim. Yet he wanted to dive for the great treasure marked on the map. Shanks also mentions that for such a fruit 100,000,000 would jump out, whereupon Buggy becomes bright-eyed.

The next day, Buggy apparently eats the devil fruit in front of the assembled crew. This was only faked to make the crew believe that the devil fruit was now gone. That night, Buggy wants to leave with the real fruit and the treasure map. Shanks comes to him and to hide the fruit, he puts it in his mouth, swallowing it. Enraged, he grabs Shanks by the collar and tells him not to scare him like that. The map falls out of his hand into the water and Buggy jumps in after it to retrieve it. To his astonishment, he sinks into the water like a stone, due to the devil fruit. Shanks also jumps into the water and rescues his comrade.

Back in the present: Buggy then catches sight of Nami, who is about to make off with his treasures. However, Luffy is able to stop him before Buggy can seriously injure Nami.

Small tent camp outside Orange: The townspeople who have taken refuge there from Buggy are surprised that Boodle hasn’t come back yet. Polo wants to go see what’s going on in town, since they’ve heard more gunfire than usual. However, the residents all want to come along and stand up to Buggy’s tyranny.

As Buggy continues to want his treasure back from Nami, he uses his Separation Festival and dismantles his entire body into pieces. He wants to strike the final blow against Nami, but Luffy beats him to it and Buggy has to take a heavy blow from him. His individual parts are now lying on the ground. But Buggy is not defeated yet and orders his body parts to come back to him. Surprised he has to realize that he just has his torso, hands and feet back. Legs as well as arms have been picked up off the ground by Nami and tied together with rope. Buggy is flung away by Luffy and is defeated.

Nami offers to mend Luffy’s straw hat, which Luffy is very grateful for. She also gives him the map of the Grand Line. Zoro, who is sleeping in the street, is woken up by Luffy, as they would be leaving soon. A large group of armed people appear on the street, wanting to know what is actually going on. Suddenly they spot Boodle and Luffy, without thinking, says that he knocked him unconscious. With that, they have a whole mob of people on their hands and run as fast as they can to the harbor. They get a head start on them as Chouchou gets in the way of the angry inhabitants. When they arrive at their two ships, the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros suddenly appear. They quickly disappear, however, as they catch sight of Zoro.

Boodle has woken up and clarifies that the Straw Hat Pirates are their saviors and not their enemies. Quickly, the mayor runs to the harbor to thank the three of them. However, the pirates are already at sea, but he is still able to shout his thanks to them. Shortly after, he notices that they had left a bag of gold worth 50,000 there, for the rebuilding of the city. This was Luffy’s idea, Nami is not at all happy about the gold left behind and dips Luffy’s head into the water a few times.

On some island you can make out a man with a long nose standing resolutely.

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