One Piece Episode 007


Boodle wants to shoo the three away, since this would be none of their business. Luffy doesn’t hesitate and knocks the old man unconscious before he could possibly attack Buggy and run blindly to his doom. Buggy orders the cannon to shoot at her, but Luffy intercepts the bullet with the gum-gum balloon. It is thrown back by Luffy and destroys the house on whose roof Buggy’s seat is located. Among others, Cabaji, one of Buggy’s best fighters, emerges from the rubble. Riding on his unicycle and armed with a sword, he heads towards Luffy, but Zoro blocks his sword strike.

In the ensuing fight between Zoro and Cabaji, the juggler seems to have the better cards at first. Nami has absconded to retrieve the map of the Grand Line. She finds it too, along with a small treasure. Zoro, meanwhile, has managed to defeat Cabaji. However, since he is quite exhausted from the fight, he lies down on the ground to sleep.

Luffy now faces the captain of the gang. Before the fight starts, Buggy remarks that he has seen the straw hat before, on the head of a guy with red hair. In the fight, Buggy damages the hat with his knives, causing Luffy to get angry. Thinking back to his childhood, Luffy now has to watch as Buggy continues to stab the straw hat on purpose. He doesn’t understand why such an old hat would matter. When Luffy drops Shanks’ name, Buggy has confirmation that this is his hat. The clown tells Luffy that back in the day, he and Shanks would have gone to sea together. The Red would have ruined his life then, which is why he would never forgive him.

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