One Piece Episode 006


The cannon fires and Zoro lifts Luffy’s cage to get him out of here. Nami admires this, as Zoro is still injured from Buggy’s stabbing.

Buggy calls Mohji and his lion Richie to him. The tamer has it mainly on Roronoa Zoro and goes off.

Shortly after Luffy and Zoro come across the little dog Chouchou in front of the pet food store, Nami comes and brings the key for the cage. However, it is also immediately swallowed by Chouchou, which baffles Luffy, Nami, and Zoro. The mayor of the town, Boodle, appears. He gets Zoro a place to sleep in a house so he can heal his wounds. From him, Luffy and Nami also learn that the little dog has been watching over the pet food store since his master left. The trio then hears loud footsteps and the mayor flees in fear, as it would be the tamer Mohji and his lion. Nami is close on his heels.

Mohji catches sight of Luffy sitting on his lion in the cage. This was not to last long, however, as Mohji’s beast smashes it with ease. Taking an interest in Zoro, Mohji turns away from Luffy and goes to find the pirate hunter. While doing so, he passes by the pet food store. Since there is food for Richie inside, he heads straight for it. With thoughts of stool, Chouchou bites the lion’s leg and tries to stop him, to no avail. When Luffy gets there, Chouchou is standing sadly barking in front of the burning store, which was the last thing his master had left him.

Luffy has finally found the two troublemakers from the buggy gang and gives them a beating. He then goes back to Chouchou and brings him a pack of dog food that Richie still had with him.

Buggy’s branch in orange: The captain is furious about the failure of the tamer and his animal. He becomes even more aggressive when he hears that it wasn’t Zoro who did that to them, but the boy with the straw hat. He calls his men and decides to reduce the city to rubble today. The buggy cannon gets another use and destroys a lot of houses again.

Not only Luffy, Nami and Boodle get to feel this, but also Zoro, who is in one of those houses. However, he is not injured, he only complains about the rude awakening. Boodle wants to get back at Buggy for what he did to the city that was painstakingly built 40 years ago. With a spear in hand, he runs to take on the clown. Not wanting him to face the dangerous man alone, the Straw Hats follow him shortly after. Nami has decided to join Luffy’s little alliance.

Buggy’s cannon is recharged and about to be fired, but it doesn’t happen. Boodle shouts to Buggy to face him and fight. Buggy only releases one hand from his body and uses it to choke the mayor, who is willing to risk his life for the city. Luffy comes to his aid and frees the man from Buggy’s hand. Together with Zoro and Nami he wants to defeat the Buggy gang.

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