One Piece Episode 005


By claiming that Luffy is her boss, Nami is able to escape, leaving Luffy alone with the Superhuman Domingos. The Straw Hat Pirate is able to defeat her without much trouble. Nami is impressed by this and wants to team up with him.

Buggy is furious that the thief has not yet been found. Because a crew member mentioned the word “cardboard nose” in Buggy’s presence, Buggy puts him on the spot. However, the clown turns his back on him again and wants the map to reappear.

Luffy has been given something to eat by Nami in an abandoned house. She tells him that she wants to get 100,000,000 together at any cost. Luffy wants her to be a navigator in his gang, but Nami denies it; she would hate pirates more than anything. However, the thief later says she might go along if Luffy would help her with something. So Luffy finds himself tied up and is led by Nami to Buggy. There, she again claims he is her boss and gives the card back to the clown. Shortly after, she is accepted into Buggy’s gang upon request. While Luffy is now in a cage, the Buggy gang has a welcome home party for Nami. Since Buggy is doing so splendidly, he orders the Buggy cannon to be fired. This destroys a whole row of houses.

Zoro has also arrived in Orange with the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros and looks at the explosion in the city. The three artists explain to him that this is the Buggy Cannon, Captain Buggy’s favourite toy.

As proof of her loyalty, Nami should shoot Luffy with the cannon. She refuses and is attacked by the gang. Zoro appears and stops the pirates. He also messes with Buggy. In the fight, it is revealed that Buggy is a devil fruit user. He once ate of the Separation Fruit and now has the ability to split his body at will.

Since Zoro has a knife jammed in his back and he can’t win anyway due to Buggy’s devil power, he points the buggy cannon at the opponents and orders Nami to light the fuse, which happens shortly after.


  • Buggy, in mentioning his devil fruit, uses the plural, that is, that parting fruits are the fruits of which he once ate. According to the current state of knowledge about devil fruits, this formulation is not at all as wrong as it seemed some time ago, since a new devil fruit of the same kind is created with the passing of its owner. Thus, in the course of time, there have indeed been several separating fruits, but never more than one at a time.
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