One Piece Episode 004


Three members of the Buggy Gang come across a small boat on the open sea with a girl in it. She claims to have been starving for days and is glad to see people again. She points to a treasure chest and says to them still, for a few sips of water they could have their treasure. Greedily, the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros go onto their boat and take a closer look at the chest. Meanwhile, Nami goes on their boat unnoticed and sails away. The three quickly realize that there is nothing in the chest and the girl now drives away with her treasure and supplies.

Luffy and Zoro are still on their way to the next island. When Luffy’s straw hat is blown away by the wind, Zoro catches it again and Luffy remembers the story about his headgear that he got from Red Shanks.

Foosha Village, 10 years ago: In Makino’s bar, Shanks and his crew tease young Luffy a bit, as he is eager to join his gang. But the fun should be over in a moment, because Grizzly and his robbers enter the bar. They complain about the fact that there is nothing left to drink in the bar, and when Shanks offers the leader a bottle of beer, he smashes it and the liquid thus lands on Shanks. The band of mountain robbers leave the bar again and the whole redhead pirate gang laughs at the incident, including Shanks. Angry that Shanks had not fought back, Luffy catches sight of a fruit in a small chest and consumes it. By the time Shanks realizes Luffy is eating the Devil Fruit, it is too late and Luffy possesses the Gomu Gomu no powers.

Since Luffy had insulted the robber gang in the bar a day later, he is now put through the wringer by Grizzly. Makino and Woop Slapp plead with the robber to leave the boy alone, when suddenly Shanks and his gang show up. However, they only have the situation under control for a while as Grizzly throws a smoke bomb and then disappears with Luffy.

He has escaped into the water with Luffy, where he throws the little boy off the boat. However, a sea king appears behind him and devours Grizzly. The monster wants to do the same to Luffy, who is floundering in the water, but Shanks stops him and sacrifices his arm in return. Goodbyes follow in the evening, as the red-shirted pirates leave the Foosha Village. Shanks gives Luffy his beloved hat and Luffy tells him once again that he will become a pirate one day.

Present: With Luffy’s hat back, Zoro complains that he’s hungry. Naive as Luffy is, he flings himself upwards with his powers to bring the bird they spotted down; however, the calculation doesn’t work and Luffy is now attached to the flying bird. Zoro tries to follow it, but the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros get in his way. They get a beating from the swordsman and now have to row for him.

Nami stole the map of the Grand Line from Buggy’s gang in Orange and is therefore pursued by some pirates.

A large bird is spotted in Buggy’s camp and their captain orders it shot down. Luffy is thus also hit and lands directly between Nami and her pursuers.

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