One Piece Episode 003


Zoro now decides to grant Luffy’s wish and become the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is then untied by Luffy and he jumps into the fray. While Luffy is beating on Morgan, Helmeppo reappears and points a gun at Koby. As Helmeppo hesitates too long, Luffy knocks the pistol out of his hand and Morgan is attacked by Zoro. You see, the captain had snuck up behind him and was trying to defeat Luffy with his hatchet arm. With Morgan now defeated, the tyranny in Shells Town is over, and even the marines cheer.

Meanwhile, the girl Luffy had already met on the passenger ship is at the naval base. She looks for a map of the Grand Line in an office and quickly finds it. However, she quickly realizes that this is not a map, but a note left by Buggy the Clown.

Luffy, Zoro and Koby dine at Ririka’s bar, and Zoro in particular is happy to get something in his stomach again. But he is also shocked to learn that he is the first in Luffy’s crew, and even more so when he sees the small boat at the docks. Rika asks Luffy where he plans to go. For Luffy, it’s quite clear: he’s heading for the Grand Line, also called the Pirate’s Grave. It’s a notorious seafaring route where only the bravest dare to go in search of Gold Roger’s hidden treasure. Soon, Luffy and Koby would part ways. Zoro reminds Koby, who wants to join the navy, that it may reject him since he was, after all, a member of a pirate gang for two years.

Frigate Captain Tadellos and his men enter the bar. He asks the pirates to leave the island, even though they had ensured the end of Morgan’s reign of terror. Luffy and Zoro pack their things and are about to leave, but Tadellos still asks what about the boy. Luffy begins to tell them that the latter had once worked on Alvida’s ship, whereupon he gets punched in the face by Koby. With that, they start a small brawl, which is broken up by Zoro and Tadellos. This was proof enough for the frigate captain that Koby is not a pirate. Luffy had intentionally instigated the brawl to accomplish just that. Shortly after Luffy and Zoro left the bar, Koby is inducted into the Navy by Tadellos.

Luffy and Zoro cast off at the harbor and Rika, Koby and Ririka have come to say goodbye. Marines have also come, as they are grateful to the two pirates over Morgan’s defeat.

At sea, Zoro wants to know from Luffy why he wants to become king of the pirates so badly. Luffy answers that he once promised it to a friend, the same one from whom he got his straw hat.

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