One Piece Episode 001


On a passenger ship, two sailors discover a barrel in the water, which is immediately brought on board. The lookout, who is observing what is happening, makes a terrible discovery shortly afterwards: a pirate ship is heading straight for them and attacking! The two sailors below inform the captain and the passengers.

Pirate Ship of Alvida’s Pirates: The captain demands to know from young Koby who is the most beautiful woman in the oceans. Koby gives the satisfactory answer and the pirate ship continues to fire on the civilian ship in front of them.

The barrel left on deck rolls down the stairs due to the swell caused by cannons into the storeroom where other barrels are also placed.

The pirates board the ship and demand no resistance from the passengers. Should it come to that, the person would be thrown overboard.

Meanwhile, Nami the thief disguises herself as a pirate and sneaks onto Alvida’s ship.

Koby had discovered a barrel in the hold of the passenger ship and wants to take it with him. In doing so, he comes across Heppoko, Peppoko and Poppoko, who think he should do something useful. Since the three pirates are thirsty, they want to open the barrel, believing there is wine inside. Just before one pirate is about to open the barrel, it opens and he gets a chinlock from the stretching Monkey D. Luffy. After Luffy destroys the swords of the other two, Heppoko, Peppoko and Poppoko take to their heels.

Luffy searches for something to eat in the next room and finds a crate full of apples, which he immediately eats. He explains to Koby that his ship capsized and that he used the barrel as a floating platform. He then asks Koby if he is also a pirate. He tells him that he has been working on Alvida’s ship for two years now, ever since he was captured by her while fishing.

Passenger ship, deck: The pirates use rope hoists to move the captured valuables onto their ship. From a hatch come Heppoko, Peppoko and Poppoko, who tell Alvida about a strong man from a barrel who may be a bounty hunter.

Koby learns from Luffy that the latter wants to become King of the Pirates and thus seeks the legendary One Piece. When Koby thinks this is impossible, he receives a punch to the head from Luffy. The Straw Hat Boy then wants to leave the room and look for a boat. Just before he reaches the door, Koby resolutely tells him he wants to join the Navy one day and leave Alvida’s ship. After his speech, the ceiling suddenly collapses and Alvida is standing in the room with them.

When Luffy calls Alvida fat, she gets angry and tries to hit him with her iron club. Luffy, however, dodges and takes Koby upstairs. There he fights some enemy pirates, revealing his devilish powers, those of the gum-gum fruit. Finally Alvida stands in front of them again and wants to hit Koby with her iron club. The latter had insulted her and said he wanted to join the navy one day to catch pirates like her. Luffy gets in between and stops the blow with his head. Since he’s made of rubber, it doesn’t hurt him, so he uses his devil powers to carry Alvida off the ship.

The navy appears and Luffy grabs a small lifeboat and throws it into the water. He briefly sees Nami, who is also trying to escape with a boat full of treasure. At sea, Luffy asks Koby who this Zoro is that everyone is talking about. According to Koby, he is a notorious bounty hunter, but has been imprisoned by the Navy. Luffy would like him to be the first member of his crew.

Shells Town: Roronoa Zoro is tied to a stake in the courtyard of the naval base there, in the scorching heat.

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