One Piece Color Walk 1

Color Walk 1

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One Piece Color Walk is the first manga artbook for One Piece. It contains 109 pages of colored images from volumes 1-9, listed in their chronological order from 1997 – 1999 (chapters 1 – 79). Of these, seven are color spreads (chapters 1, 12, 28, 52, 61, 70, and 79). In addition, 11 pages of the manga and several covers were colored, there are some sketches of One Piece as well as early concepts of the characters.

On the cover, you can see the Straw Hats happily walking down a path (in keeping with the title Color Walk), with a windmill and lighthouse in the background. Although Chopper is on the cover, he doesn’t appear once in the artbook. On the back cover you can see more windmills, another lighthouse, a worm with a top hat, and the The Going Merry.
Page 1-7 is the introduction, consisting of some pictures, a table of contents with Roger’s execution from Chapter 1 in color, and a map of the East Blue.
Page 8-94 covers the manga from Romance Dawn through the Buggy Arc, Kuro Arc and Don Krieg Arc to the Arlong Park Arc by showing up all the Color Spreads, each followed by a monochrome page with a thumbnail of the same, a brief explanation of the Color Spread and a straw hat. In between are the various covers of different chapters, also colored. Additionally, several pages of the Romance Dawn and Buggy arc have been completely colored.
Page 56-59 are several black and white concept sketches for the characters from One Piece called Imagination.
Page 95-100 is called Early Days and shows in color several early designs of characters that didn’t make it into the manga in this form.
Page 101-105 is called Monochrome Talk and features an interview by Eiichiro Oda with Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball).
Page 106-107 is the Index, which once again shows a section from each page.
Page 108 contains no pictures, but a conclusion and a short biography of Oda.

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