One Piece Chapter 999


Part 1 of the two-part Color Spread featuring the Straw Hat Pirates bathing in a sea of treasure. In honor of the upcoming anniversary, the cover is a tribute to the Color Spread of Chapter 100. The second part of the spread will appear in the following Jump issue. In addition, a website was launched specifically for the 1,000 chapter online. The official social media channels have been tuning in since Chapter 990 with the hashtag #ONEPIECE1000LOGS.


Onigashima, about 3 years ago: Ace has actually managed to land on Kaidous Island, having already wreaked havoc with the goal of killing the very same. In the process, however, he has encountered Yamato, who is trying to stop the intruder. She tells him that the Beasts Pirates has left for an expedition, so he has to make do with her. However, the clash shows that the two fighters are evenly matched. When Yamato finally reveals that Kaidou is her hated father, Ace appeals that you can’t choose your parents, but you can at least make sure they don’t rule your heart. Convinced of this, Yamato destroys Kaidou’s dragon statue as a peace offering, whereupon Ace also attacks the same. The two then sit down and drink together, with Yamato revealing that she too wants to go to sea and adventure someday, like Kozuki Oden or the up-and-coming greats of the 4 Blues she’s heard of. That’s when Ace mentions that his little brother would have to start his journey soon, and would surely change the world someday….

Back to the present: After telling her story, Yamato additionally lets Momonosuke in on the fact that said Ace was Gold Roger’s son as well as Luffy’s brother.

The same information is also given to O-Tama by Nami at this moment.

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the castle, Queen’s men try to hold Marco down, but he takes to the air, heading for the roof, carrying Zoro with him. To prevent this, Queen and King themselves unceremoniously transform into their Zoan forms to stop them. During his flight, Marco thinks back to how Ace once asked Whitebeard to allow him to set off on the journey to Wano Country in order to avenge the death of his predecessor as commander of the 2nd Division, which even the “strongest man in the world” considered impossible for him.

Meanwhile on the rooftop, Charlotte Linlin has arrived at Kaidou’s house and asks about the Road Poneglyph, which again Nico Robin should be left alive for since her daughter Pudding is not yet capable of reading the Poneglyph. When Kaidou refuses to give her information, Big Mom reminds him that after the God Valley incident, he got his cryptid zoan fruit, a fish fruit, from her and is in her debt for life for it…!

Oda’s comment

I’m sure there will be a lot less people traveling on New Year’s. Please stay home and read Jump. Chapter 1000 will be in the next issue!

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