One Piece Chapter 998


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Onigashima: Kaidou has just raised the entire island into the air, astonishing even his own men. They are also horrified to discover that Marco the Phoenix has appeared in the castle’s main hall. At this moment, Marco presents to the Straw Hats that his blue fire can stop the spread of the virus without hurting the people affected, so he immediately spreads his flames all over the hall. Then Miyagi and Tristan suddenly enter the battlefield to assist Chopper in replicating the antibodies. In doing so, they intend to protect the Yakuza as well as X. Drake, while Marco offers Zoro, Nico Robin and Brook to take them to the roof….

Meanwhile, on the fourth level: Luffy and Jinbe have just arrived when they run into a powerful enemy. Therefore, Jinbe offers to stay behind so that his captain can continue to advance…

At the same time with Franky: The Cyborg is still facing Sasaki and his troops, but they are no opponents for him. Therefore, Sasaki now reveals that he possesses the powers of an ancient zoanfruit, model: Triceratops and confronts Franky himself…

Elsewhere with Sanji: The Cook is still fleeing from Black Maria, who in the meantime has revealed herself as a user of the Ancient Zoan Fruit, model: Rosamygale grauvogeli (note: needs link)…

Back at Jinbe: The enemy the fish-man faces is Who’s Who, who has also already transformed into his Zoan form: He in turn uses the powers of the model: Smilodon. At this moment he reveals to the “Knight of the Sea” that the two have met before, but Jinbe can’t remember because of his opponent’s mask…

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, Page One and Ulti storm through the corridors, still searching for Nami, Usopp and O-Tama. Hiding from them, however, are Yamato and Momonosuke, who are also in a room with a damaged dragon statue. As Yamato tells the Kozuki heir, her friend Ace, who once came to the island to kill her father, is responsible for it…!

Oda’s comment

I visited the Buster Call exhibition. It’s great to see the works in person! I love stuff like that.
The Buster Call exhibition is part of the Bustercall Project, where artists from all over the world have made One Piece related artworks that have also been presented at exhibitions.

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