One Piece Chapter 997


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Onigashima, inside Kaidou’s castle: Sanji has heard a woman’s voice and now thinks that a lady is being molested in one of the side rooms. When he tries to help her, the whole thing turns out to be a trap set by Black Maria, who finally manages to capture the Cook…

Meanwhile, Luffy and Jinbe continue on their way in pairs and are already awaited by two more Headliners. However, some former Udon prisoners have built a ladder for their rescuers, so that the two can ascend to the fourth level unnoticed, away from the main corridor…

Meanwhile, in the main hall, Big Mom has ignored the goings-on of the fighters and instead made her way up towards the roof. As Zoro looks after her, he sees O-Kiku’s arm tumbling down from just there. Enraged by this, he finally wants to end Queens’ “game” and strikes down Scratchmen Apoo with just one sword strike. Thereby he gets the antidote, which he immediately hands over to Chopper. He in turn reveals to everyone present that he has figured out the virus and that all infected people should stay near fire. This would not cure them, but at least stop the spread. He himself would create enough antibodies for everyone during this time. When Queen wants to intervene in this plan, the “disaster” is surprisingly attacked by Zoro, who now wants to join the fight against the supposedly strongest in the world. Marco appears on the scene and offers his help to the straw hats…

Suddenly the island is shaken by a strong earthquake, which is felt in the main hall as well as by the groups around Nami, Luffy, Sanji, Eustass Kid and Yamato. The latter immediately recognizes what it is about: As she reports, her father has the ability to create clouds of flame that can make anything fly. At this moment, he lifts up the whole of Onigashima to bring the island to the flower capital…

On the roof, the Emperor simultaneously announces that the construction of New Onigashima, a stronghold for pirates and the starting point of a world of chaos, has now begun…!


  • The chapter title was changed in volume 99. In the Weekly Shōnen Jump, it was simply “Flames” (jap. 焔, Homura).

Oda’s comment

I have to laugh maniacally every week when I watch Kaizokuou ni Ore wa Naru TV. Thank you!
One Piece Variety: Kaizokuou Ni Ore Wa Naru TV is a One Piece-related variety talk show that airs on the Japanese channel Fuji TV. It is hosted by Japanese comedy duo Kamaitachi, who invite guests to talk to them about One Piece. Luffy’s seiyuu Mayumi Tanaka serves as the narrator.

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