One Piece Chapter 995


Front page request: “Luffy tries to learn, but immediately gets bored” by Walking Mama from Setagaya Ward.


Onigashima: Marco has run into Big Mom and started a fight with her. In the process, the Empress is horrified to discover that Marco can hurt her, as his flames are more powerful than Prometheus’. Nevertheless, she manages to capture the former commander of the Whitebeard pirate gang, whereupon Charlotte Perospero is sent to finish him off. The latter already has an arrow aimed at the Zoan user, as he withdraws the truce with him. However, before he can fire, Carrot and Wanda suddenly appear in their Su Long forms and severely injure the Charlotte son in the face. Not having enough souls to stand against this superior force, Linlin unceremoniously starts moving towards the main hall. Wanda then tells Marco to follow her: She and Carrot would take over Perospero to avenge Pedro’s death….

Meanwhile in the main hall, Zoro is right behind the still fleeing Scratchmen Apoo with the antidote for Queen’s “Ice Demon” and attacks him at that moment with his Slash 720 Sense Phoenix. After the former Supernovae manages to dodge, X. Drake joins in and attacks his opponent along with the Swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. Watching this from the balcony, Queen notices that the son of Vinsmoke Judge is also a member of the Straw Hats….

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Brook has just been hit by the virus, but remains unharmed because, according to Chopper, he has no blood or body heat. This in turn seems to give the ship’s doctor an idea, but he must additionally discover at this moment that he too is infected…!

Meanwhile elsewhere in the castle, Nami and Usopp have taken up the fight against Ulti and Page One, with Usopp using his Pop Greens. However, having two opponents in front of him puts him at a disadvantage, and he is eventually hit hard by Ulti’s Ul-Zugan. It is then revealed that apparently Nami has already taken such a headbutt as well, and lies bleeding next to the action. She is now grabbed by Ulti, who demands that the navigator admit that her captain will never be king of the pirates. In tears, Nami replies that Luffy will definitely be pirate king! Ulti is now about to kill her for this, when all of a sudden Komachiyo appears and bites her in the head. Sitting on his back, O-Tama rushes to the aid of her new friends….

Oda’s comment

I enjoyed the Bachelorette to the end. Thank you!

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