One Piece Chapter 994


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, last part: “The blissful ship sails on amid gun salutes”.
The Fire Tank pirate gang continues their journey at sea as they are pursued and attacked by the Navy.


Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: After the Emperor’s counterattack, Kikunojo has gone down badly wounded, but by means of his burning sword Kinemon is able to stop the bleeding, after which O-Kiku gets back on his feet. Impressed by the intransigence of his opponents, Kaidou finally transforms back into his human form to finally end the fight…

Meanwhile on the first floor: Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe have made further progress, but are still besieged by the troops of the Beasts Pirates. However, in order to let their captain hurry on undisturbed, the Cook as well as the Whale Shark Fishman effortlessly clear out all the enemies, including even some of the gang’s headliners, much to the horror of the enemy pirates…

At the same time in the main hall: The “Ice Demon” virus Queens continues to spread rapidly, infecting both samurais and his own men, which even the Mimawarigumi declare crazy. Meanwhile, one of the rebellion’s leaders, Omasa, has also been infected, but Hyogoro doesn’t want to give up hope for rescue just yet. Among others, Chopper joins in, who is convinced that Queen must have an antidote for emergencies with her, which has to be obtained. Then “the plague” takes the floor and presents this very antibody. While revealing that all infected would die within the next hour, he throws down the antidote to Scratchmen Apoo to start a new game: the live battle for the cure! Immediately, both pirates and samurais charge at the former supernova, and Zoro immediately sets into motion as well…

Meanwhile, at Yamato, Shinobu and Momonosuke’s house, the three are still facing Sasaki and his subordinates, who are pursuing the goal of killing the Kozuki heir. When asked by the kunoichi, Yamato reports that she once witnessed Oden’s execution, deeply inspired by his life and the loyalty of his retinue. However, she says that she was too weak at the time to protect his son from her father…. As Sasaki has fire opened at that moment, Yamato remains unimpressed in front of her two companions, and then announces that she, Kozuki Oden aka Yamato, is finally ready to die for her hero…!

Oda’s comment

I’m addicted to utzumakifu! Those things in miso soup are called uzumakifu (a wheat gluten product). I put them in everything!

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