One Piece Chapter 993


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 36: “Gotti and Lola’s Wedding♡”
Gotti and Lola get married while Bege, Petz, Pound, Chiffon and the Risky Brothers celebrate.


Wano Country, flower capital: The festival is in full swing and while the inhabitants take the opportunity to celebrate, dance and drink boisterously without fear of any of them dying today, they dream of the absurd legend that the samurai of the Kozuki family will return to free them from Orochi and Kaidou and to make the land fertile again…

Meanwhile on Onigashima: In the main hall at Zoro and X. Drake, Queen has just deployed his latest invention: the Excite “Ice Demon” bullets. These cause those who are hit to turn into demon-like creatures encased in ice, as which they are rampaging through the castle at this very moment…

At the same time in the basement: Luffy is not making good progress on his way up, as he keeps getting into fights with Kaidou’s men. Therefore, Sanji joins him to clear the way so that Luffy can save his strength for Kaidou. At that moment, a headliner named Briscola, who has been eating from a Gorilla Smile, also appears to stop the two Straw Hats from continuing on their way. But before the Cook and his captain can agree on who will take on this enemy, Jinbe suddenly appears on the scene and defeats the 100-beast pirate with a single attack. He, too, now wants to make sure that Luffy can proceed undisturbed…

At the same time Bao Huang has discovered the whereabouts of Momonosuke, Shinobu and Yamato, which she immediately reports to King. He in turn passes it on to the “Flying Six”, who are to kill Momonosuke immediately, as this would destroy the samurai’s will to fight. Sasaki is closest to the Kozuki heir, which is why he attacks him immediately. The son of Oden is protected by Shinobu, but she seems to have no chance against Sasaki’s men. Therefore Yamato interferes, who reveals to the “Tobiroppo” that she also takes part in this battle in the name of the Kozuki family….

Meanwhile, on the roof, Kaidou has taken some wounds from his opponents’ attacks and is just getting back up from the last blow. As he admits, he briefly saw Kozuki Oden’s fighting spirit behind the Akazaya, but now he knows that they do not possess the same strength as he does. While they could injure him, the wounds did not reach nearly as deep as those of their former lord. With a thunderous roar, the giant dragon rises again and hurls razor-sharp wind blades from its mouth at the Akazaya. One of these strikes Kikunojo, severing his arm to the horror of Izou and Kinemon…!

Oda’s comment

I want the whole world to know. The truth is, nothing goes together better than a sandwich and potato chips.

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