One Piece Chapter 990


“Gang” Bege’s Oh My Family, Part 34: “Hold on tight!!! Mama told us that our father was a clingy man who never gave up no matter how many times he got kicked!!!” Lola and Chiffon throw Pound a rope.


Onigashima: Due to the destruction caused by the clash with Big Mom, Sasaki has been freed from his bonds. Now he wants to go in search of Kyoshiro to take revenge for his betrayal….

Meanwhile on the roof: While Kaidou and the Akazaya have not yet intervened, the Minks are fighting fiercely against Jack and his troops. The “disaster” already looks battered, but fights on nevertheless, because the Minks also had to accept first losses. When Kinemon also wants to grab his sword, he’s stopped by Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. In the meantime, they have also taken on their Su Long forms and now want to take on Jack…

Meanwhile, inside the castle, King speaks to the “Flying Six” via Den-den Mushi, revealing that the search for Yamato is no longer their mission. Instead, they are to prevent any more fighters from reaching the roof by any means necessary.

One of them, X. Drake, is currently with Basil Hawkins, who seems to have recovered from his defeat at the hands of Trafalgar Law and has sought out Onigashima. As he reports, the man they had just been talking about has only a 1% chance of being alive tomorrow. That’s when Who’s Who joins the action and tells Drake to follow him, as he has a plan to kill Queen in all the confusion…!

Back on the battlefield, the Yakuza are fighting to the best of their ability against the Beasts Pirates Pirates, as well as the Orochi Oniwabanshu and the Mimawarigumi, thus clearing the way for the Straw Hats without having to waste their energy. As Hotei watches in confusion, Fukurokuju suddenly moves away from the battlefield. That’s when two of the Numbers step in, one of them swinging his mace directly to hit dozens of the yakuza at once. Zoro, however, is able to split the weapon with ease. While the onlookers are shocked by this fighting power, Luffy unceremoniously starts moving towards the Numbers. While doing so, he remembers that it once took the entire Straw Hat Pirates to defeat Oars, but that they are a different one today. He changes into Gear 4 and goes for a Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun…

Simultaneously at Queen’s upstairs: Who’s Who, Hawkins and Drake have reached the “main representative”, however Drake is now lying wounded on the floor. As he must realize, it was he who was supposed to be killed by Who’s Who and Queen all along, as they have learned that it was he who freed Law from Hawkins’ captivity. Now they want to know who he really works for, as the Zoan user also takes the chance to leap out through the wall towards the plaza. Falling, he catches sight of Luffy rushing towards two Numbers and decides on the spur of the moment to use his technique “X Calibur” against the second of them. Along with Luffy, both attacks eventually strike devastatingly at the Numbers, knocking them right out. Now that he’s unmasked, Drake also decides on a new strategy and yells over to Luffy that he wants to join him…!

Oda’s comment

The latest volume, an artbook, and One Piece magazine will all be released in Japan on September 16 (Wednesday)!!! Sorry for the delay!!

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